Why You Should Help

The pika needs your help.

It is an indicator species, an animal that signifies how healthy an ecosystem is. If the animal is doing well, so is the ecosystem.

But the pika is not doing well. In fact, some populations in the U.S. have already gone extinct.

The pika is very temperature sensitive. It cannot survive very long in abnormally high temperatures. As the earth heats up, pikas are forced to move higher and higher up mountain slopes to keep cool.

In just a few short years, some pika populations have moved 2000 feet up mountain sides, and soon will have nowhere higher to go. 

Other pika populations have disappeared entirely, particularly in the Great Basin, as well as populations in other states.

We need to intercede on the part of the pika, not just so that this wonderful species can survive, but so that changes can be made to slow down human-caused climate change.

This will save many other species, including us, from dire climate change consequences.

The pika is our flagship, and we must do all we can to save it.

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